Igualada is a town located in Catalonia, Spain. It is situated around 60 km from Barcelona, so it takes approximately an hour travelling from one city to another.


Igualada is known for its value in the textile and fur sectors during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The town had a big number of factories that generated a lot of money to their owners, just when Spain was industrially undeveloped, so Igualada obtained a national importance. All these made that bourgeois came here to live and built extraordinary and modern buildings.

That is the origin of modernist and newcentist buildings in Igualada. Actually, the town preserves a lot of them, although others have been demolished.


In the page "IMATGES" you can find the gallery with different photos of modernist and newcentist buildings from Igualada. In the page "INICI" is a headline called "Centres d'informació turística" where are indicated the two tourist assistance centres in the town. Also, on the page "UBICACIÓ I ENLLAÇOS"  you will find three icons. The first contains two links from the official web page of Igualada. The second contains two links: the first is a map with all the buildings of the tour indicated on it and the second is a document where you will find technical files about each building. Then the last icon has got a link to google maps where is indicated the location of Igualada. 

Finally I just want to render thanks to you for reading this page and I hope you enjoy Igualada and its arquitecture.